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According to the milling cutter the main movement direction and the feed direction of motion can be divided into the climb milling and conventional milling.

Hangzhou Newtech Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 09, 2017

(1) the climb

When milling the main direction of movement in the direction of surface components and milling cutter feed direction is the same, is called climb milling. Figure 2-25 (a) as shown. Climb milling has the following characteristics:

① method of cutting force by cutting the workpiece is always pressed against the table. So the workpiece does not lift the cutting process smoother, higher tool life compared with conventional milling.

② teeth has always been a maximum cutting thickness cut into the workpiece, then gradually decreases to zero, compression and friction-free flank and workpiece, machined surface quality is good.

③ the tooth suddenly cut into the workpiece, will reduce the tool when cutting workpieces with a crusty durability, suitable for processing no hard skin on the surface of the workpiece.

④ horizontal component of cutting force and workpiece feed the same direction, the table feed screws and screw nuts when there is a gap, would abruptly forward movement of the table, thus making uneven workpiece feed, easy knife.

(2) the conventional milling

When Shen DAO primary motion direction on machined surface direction s: when feed and milling cutter moving in opposite directions, called conventional milling, as shown in Figure 2-25 (b) as shown. Milling is f features:

① method of cutting force by cutting the workpiece is lifted so that eon than the clamping force.

② milling increases gradually from zero, increasing cutting force to prevent tooth damage due to impact,

③ When milling. with the increase of thickness of cutting, flank and squeeze and rub the workpiece, thus reducing milling surface durability and impact.

(3) end mills

End mills are State of face milling cutter with plane method of milling cutters, according to Cutter and workpiece surface location can be divided into symmetrical milling asymmetric, asymmetric climb milling and conventional milling

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