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Broaching in three ways: layered, the segmented and composite type.

Hangzhou Newtech Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 09, 2017

(1) layers

Layered broaching can be divided into form and becoming, pulling for a hierarchical broaching tool knife called a normal.

①: broach tooth profile and machined surface similar to the shape of the final requirements, cutting part of the tooth height increments the workpiece and broach allowances were cut by one layer at a time, the last tooth out in size, calibration of cutting up the edge of the workpiece dimensions accuracy and surface roughness.

II: broach tooth profile with the required surface machined surface of different shapes and surface of workpiece shape and size by the tooth side edge formed gradually, processing tables and of poor quality, broach manufacturing more convenient. Commonly used for broaching keyways, splined hole and polygons

(2) block

Using block broaching, surface machining allowance on each floor was divided into many blocks, consists of a set of teeth of the same size (usually each group of 2~3 teeth, tooth cut off every few blocks) resection for block broaching the broach is called round-cut broach. Segmented carry cutting the cutting edge of each tooth in cutting width smaller, cutting thickness can be 2~10 times greater than layered broaching, broach short lengths and low manufacturing cost and production efficiency?. Castings and forgings with scleroderma, but quality is good as layers of broaching.

(3) integrated

-Integrated broaching integrated hierarchical broaching and advantage of block broaching, thick teeth part employ separate block broaching, fine teeth using layers of broaching. This way you can shorten the broach length and attain better surface quality. For integrated comprehensive broach broach broach is called.

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