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Honing holes structure introduction

Hangzhou Newtech Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 09, 2017

Honing holes is installed using Yu Heng head circumference of stone, using specific architectural promoted whetstone radial expansion until contact with the workpiece and maintain a certain amount of pressure to lower the cutting speed to finish the hole. In the process, stone continued as radial feed movement, honing head rotation and linear motion along the hole axis direction in order to achieve low speed cutting of holes, significantly improve the size and shape of the hole, reducing the surface roughness value.

Honing head structure of many types, extensive grinding of cylindrical holes, blind holes and ladder hole. Figure 2-22 shows the structure of cylindrical honing head, 4 mount the grinding grinding 5, hoop 62, end of the sand springs in milling section 5, rotating Platypleura kaempferi parent 1 could facilitate adjusting the bevel down, honing diameter expansion through PIN 7. Body through the floating coupling with the machine connected to the t-axis, thus honing honing heads mainly depends on accuracy. This honing head structure is simple, but you would have to manually adjust the grinding head diameter, suitable for single and small-batch production, commonly used in large quantities in the hydraulic or pneumatic device for automatically adjusting the honing head diameter.

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