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Artistic Drinking Straw Making Machine Principle Of Atmospheric Pressure

Hangzhou Newtech Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 19, 2017

Artistic Drinking Straw Making Machine Principle of atmospheric pressure

Drink straw, or tube, it is a cylindrical hollow plastic products, its main function is used to drinking a cup drink, also have to take some cooking good animals long bone marrow. The average diameter is about 0.5 cm, but it will be used for drinking yoghurt, pearl milk tea and other drinks, with a thicker straw, some 1.5 cm in diameter. Some are rarer, and a small diameter straw is used as a hot drink.

Straw is using the principle of atmospheric pressure, when used to siphon off some of the air, the straw will cause smaller pipe pressure, and in order to balance the air pressure and atmospheric pressure will force liquid will rise. When you stop breathing, the fluid drops and the pressure goes back to equilibrium. This is the wonderful principle and application of the straw.

Supply pipette extrusion machine details:

Out of drinking straw machine series by frequency conversion system, mold, cooling water tank or vacuum cooling water tank, traction and cutting device, equipped with monochrome, two-color, three color, four-color machine, etc. Applicable to production: drink straw, nozzle, cotton buds, candy sticks, toothpicks, refill ink, watercolor ink, toy pipe, casing, drip tube and other small diameter tube

The machine is made up of plastic extruder, cooling tank and tractor. 50 mm diameter screw, length-diameter ratio, nor plasticizing effect is good, large amount of extrusion, the gel is stable, is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of drink straws equipment, product application range: such as food industry drink straw, candy bar, other industrial application of ink, cotton swabs rods, medical tube, tube and other small pipes. It adopts the Taiwan taida frequency conversion and the control of the dexixi electric appliance.

. ML13A trichromatic co-extrusion straws by extrusion unit, extruder, head, cooling shaping device, traction cutting device, pipe device and other parts, three color co-extrusion. The 50mm diameter screw with the new parameter design: the long diameter ratio is 28:1, the plasticizing effect is good, the extrusion quantity is large, the glue is stable. It is the professional equipment that produces various beverage straws, the transformation part of the parts device can produce three colors together the precise small specifications and small special pipe stick.

Areas of application: 1. The food industry: drink straws, candy bar, coffee bar, 2. Other industry: signature ink, nozzle tube, gas cue, small flagpole, cotton swabs, medical tube technical features: 3. The mould replacement is convenient, quick, 4. The cooling water tank and water tank are all made of stainless steel, never rust. The vacuum sizing is a structure, which can be added at any time. Sink, front and back, up and down, left and right sides can be adjusted and locked, 5. Traction cutting device has a variety of combinations, to adapt to the production requirements of different products, greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers. Mesa and protective cover are made of stainless steel, beautiful and generous, never rust. We can customize the tube conveyer, suitable for the production of all kinds of flat pipe.

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