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Coffee Stick Making Machine Automatic Thermostat

Hangzhou Newtech Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 19, 2017

Coffee Stick Making Machine Automatic thermostat

The machine is based on the size of the cylinder and can be divided into 50 and 70. Rods machine is the use of wood, rice husk, peanut shell, straw carbon wood materials such as plants (do not add any additives), under the condition of high pressure high temperature, made from solid fuel bar of the main equipment.

The machine adopts automatic thermostat, which is stable at the set temperature, and has the advantages of reasonable structure and simple operation and maintenance. Produced by the machine forming solid bar after carbonization ignition easy, high calorific value (compared with general timber increased by more than 20%), less pollution, than great convenient for storage and transport, can make full use of crop residues, waste, reduce the contradiction of our country's agriculture, forestry and energy tension.

System bar machine, also known as wood powder machine machine, its products can be divided into sawdust machine, rice husk sawdust stick machine, etc, the equipment is the main forming mechanism for charcoal production equipment. It can water content < 12% of bamboo, wood, shells, straw (with the exception of rice straw, wheat straw) and other granular (5 mm or less in length, diameter 3 mm) or less waste, in the case of without any binder, after high temperature and high pressure process, squeeze into a bar with a central hole solid pay.

The principle of the making machine

System bar machine is the use of sawdust, crop stalks (corn stalk, big haulm, sorghum stalk, cotton, rape stalk, peanut seedling, sunflower stalk), chaff, grasses and shrubs branch, bamboo cutter head, head, bagasse as raw material, such as after a sawdust crusher crushing in screw propeller and heating circle formed under the action of high temperature high raw materials processed into KongXinBang will loose body. The product is dense, compact and flammable, which can replace firewood and coal. The average product is 50-60mm, the aperture is 15-20mm, with hollow four corners or hexagon. It can also be made into spherical, granular and honeycombed coal.

Use and feature editing of the machine

The product design is reasonable, the manufacturing quality is reliable, the structure is simple, the operation is convenient, the volume is small, the area is small, the province, the province electricity.

The automatic control electric heating device of the design, can adjust the dry humidity of the material at random, ensure the material is stabilized, and improve the efficiency of the work.

The main part of this product adopts the special treatment of wear-resisting material, so it can be continuously suppressed and durable.

It is suitable for all kinds of raw materials and raw materials, and the energy consumption is low and the production efficiency is high. Five, change the three bearing of the old machine heart is four, increase the stability and durability of the machine.

6, change old fashioned lubricants lubricants lubricants lubricants lubricants, as long as do not lack oil, can use for years.

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