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Drinking Straw Machine Change The Development Trend

Hangzhou Newtech Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 07, 2017

Drinking Straw Machine Change the development trend

The gradual improvement of the domestic machine manufacturing level has promoted the increase of the domestic production of plastic sheet business and the diversification of the sheet variety, and also promoted the unprecedented development of the thermoforming packaging industry. China's sheet machine industry development, generally have the following aspects of the trend:

First, a single "separate single screw extruder" configuration "vertical three roll" sheet production line tends to saturation Most domestic thermoforming enterprises have this type of sheet production line, which for the enterprises to occupy the market early, The accumulation of funds, technology development made a contribution. It produces a sheet that basically meets the production requirements, but with its production of sheet, especially the production of HIPS sheet can not produce a satisfactory gloss, grade low.

This sheet machine technology has been quite mature, easy assembly, parts easy to buy, simple configuration, simple operation, cheap, low maintenance costs, has become more popular models. Fierce competition, has forced some sheet machine manufacturers to other products into. Such as "Beijing Shengan" has been the main focus on the "aluminum-plastic composite panel development"; "Shantou Dacheng" to a higher grade sheet production line forward. There are some manufacturers from the film production to the sheet processing, plastic cup manufacturing, plastic and other industries.

With this sheet machine can be processed PP, HIPS, PE egg tray sheet, plastic packaging sheet and so on. If the calendering roller is changed to an air knife, a thinner sheet for blistering can be produced. However, most of the current domestic equipment is not equipped with this device, to the production enterprises to bring a lot of inconvenience, to a certain extent, restricts the enterprise in the field of sheet and molding products development.

Second, in a single extrusion configuration of the sheet production line, China's first "electromagnetic dynamic extruder" has been successfully applied in the sheet production line it has energy saving materials, plastic and other advantages, can produce a variety of Material, the price is not expensive. This kind of "Chinese characteristics" of the extruder should be vigorously promoted and continuously improved, equipped with advanced follow-up equipment and control systems, the world launched our own advanced production line in China, so as to get rid of change is always followed by others in the development of the state The For example: "Shantou Weida" has introduced to the market more than one of these sheet production line, the market reflects the good.

Third, a single "exhaust - two-stage single-screw extruder" configuration of the sheet machine, equipment manufacturers to meet the "green" and the introduction of new sheet production line.

After several hard experiments and improvements, the successful production of a starch content of up to 80% of the biodegradable sheet. China has a number of enterprises with "Xi'an Wanjie" starch degradation materials in the "Shantou Dacheng" degradation of the sheet production line, to produce environmentally friendly degradation of sheet and thermoformed products, promising.

With this sheet production line can be processed high-filled PP / PE sheet, light / raw biodegradable sheet, bio-starch degradation sheet. But the domestic "degradation of plastic" is not "fully degradable material", how much contains "plastic" ingredients. In addition, the proliferation of a wide variety of "degradable materials", the presence of fish, and the competition by the "pulp molded products", as well as the resurgence of "foam lunch boxes", is not optimistic about the market situation of thermoformed products.

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