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Drinking Straw Machine Completely Cleared

Hangzhou Newtech Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

Drinking Straw Machine Completely cleared

Drinking fountains disinfectant residues, heavy metals and even sinus red worms, seriously endangering people's health. Products are non-toxic, tasteless, can quickly kill all kinds of bacteria endangering the human body, "CARBS" (clean doctor) cleaning formula, can completely remove the various internal water dispenser dirt, so as to ensure water sanitation. Drinking fountains are usually bottled water barrels and then placed in the water dispenser "smart seat", and then by the machine's hose into the water into the two water gall bladder, one of which is hot water gall bladder, one is cold water Gall bladder, the two water gallbladder in addition to the function of hot and cold water, it can also play the role of precipitation of impurities in the water. People often continue to replace the bottled water, but ignored the water dispenser liner also has a certain amount of water, the water will hide the pathogenic bacteria, over time, naturally became a breeding ground for bacteria. Consumers are more misunderstanding of the water dispenser itself is a water purification device, barrels of mineral water is clean, even if the dispenser from time to time cleaning, disinfection will not have any problems, so the water will appear in a variety of Of foreign matter. Related reports per cubic meter of air there are four thousand bacteria, bottled drinking water does not contain any bactericidal ingredients. A few days ago, a sample of drinking bottled water family showed that 43% of households had never washed the water dispenser, and most of the cleaned households had their own cleanliness and did not achieve professional cleaning. standard.

To this end, experts advise the public drinking water, drinking fountains should be regularly cleaned, otherwise it will be detrimental to health. Right now, the news of drinking water pollution is common reported that drinking water found in small cockroaches, mosquitoes and even small centipede is not what is rare. According to the relevant staff to ask the manufacturer, know that these small insects are mostly through the drinking fountains into the barrel into the barrel. They said that the bottled drinking water, once opened to use, with the air contact, how much water will need to use the same amount of air into the bucket, and many of the current intake of drinking fountains without any filter device, some small insects And bacteria into the pipeline with the air into the barrel, resulting in secondary pollution of drinking water. Experts point out that the bug is drilled into the bucket is likely to see and find the naked eye can not see the bacterial pollution is even more worrying. Even in a clean environment, there are about 4,000 bacteria per cubic meter of air, and the bottled drinking water does not contain any bactericidal ingredients, and there is no inhibitory effect on bacteria and microorganisms. Therefore, once the bacteria enter, it will multiply rapidly. The person admitted that in the absence of any national uniform standards under the conditions, only regular cleaning is to prevent secondary pollution of drinking water an effective measure. It is understood that some companies have launched for the user free cleaning water dispenser services, so as to protect the user's safe drinking. However, many users react indifferently. To this end, the experts solemnly reminded the lack of regular maintenance and cleaning of the water dispenser is very dangerous, is hidden in the thousands of family health killer!

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