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Drinking Straw Machine How To Disinfect

Hangzhou Newtech Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2017

  Drinking Straw Machine A water dispenser is a device that cools or cools bottled purified water (or mineral water) and facilitates people to drink.

   Drinking Straw Machine People drink bottled water is pure water quality, good health. But the water dispenser water supply if the disinfection is not complete, but also lead to secondary pollution of water quality. Even if some manufacturers with the professional staff, disinfection process is not necessarily fully qualified.

Specifically, the disinfection of drinking fountains should be divided into the following steps:

First, unplug the power plug, remove the bucket, open the water dispenser behind the sewage pipe, row of residual water, because the sewage pipe in the remaining water is the key to secondary pollution caused by drinking fountains. Then, turn on all the water switch to turn on the water.

Second, with tweezers folder alcohol cotton, carefully scrub the water dispenser liner. Water dispenser liner because of direct contact with the air, it is easy to accumulate bacteria. Scrub with alcohol, you can remove the above dirt, prepare for the next step disinfection.

Third, the 300 ml disinfectant dissolved to 2 liters of water, and then filled the entire drinking fountains liner, and placed 10-15 minutes.

Fourth, open all the water dispenser switch, including the sewage pipe and drinking water switch, net disinfectant.

5, with 7-8 liters of water continuous washing the whole body of the water dispenser, open all the switch drain the liquid. Some people only 1 liter of water rinse is far from enough, will make the disinfectant residue in the drinking fountains.

Six, with alcohol cotton scrub the back of the switch, when the cup filled with water, it is easy to meet the water dispenser switch on the back wall, can not only scrub with a rag.

After the disinfection of drinking fountains, there may be a trace of disinfectant residue, can not immediately drink. Should first put a glass of water, smell the smell of chlorine. If so, should be re-water, until the smell of chlorine can not be assured to drink.

  Drinking Straw Machine Causes of bacteria:

1, a long time not on the professional depth of drinking fountains cleaning cleaning;

2, change the water caused by the inlet and air contact;

3, storage space is small or unclean, air convection, the ground is not often clean;

4, the temperature is not appropriate, placed in the cold and wet or direct sunlight, easily lead to bacterial reproduction;

5, drinking water quality or bacteria;

6, drinking fountains maintenance is not good enough, poor sealing caused by bacterial invasion;

7, water gall bladder too much water and long-term do not drink;

8, long-term uninterrupted "long burning" (enterprises and institutions are basically uninterrupted, drinking water frequency is very high);

9, with a chemical composition of the drug cleaning (water or their own);

10, not in the shelf life of water quality, drinking finished;

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