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Drinking Straw Machine Pipeline Closed

Hangzhou Newtech Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 13, 2017

Drinking Straw Machine Pipeline closed

The use of drinking fountains:

Automatic drinking fountains, is the country's first patented product. Can provide boiling water, warm water, drinking water and ice water, is to solve the factories and mines, institutions, schools, military and family drinking water the ideal equipment.

Features of drinking fountains:

1. Energy efficient, drinking warm water than drinking water saving more than 80%, water through the heat exchanger after cooling, so that the loss of natural heat recovery, liner thickening insulation layer, to maximize the heat to prevent, A lot of power.

2. save time, so you can drink at any time delicious water.

3. The liner is made of food grade SUS304, fully automatic argon arc welding, 1.2Mpa water pressure test, can fully guarantee the life of the liner.

4. Over-temperature protection, over-temperature abnormalities can automatically cut off the power to ensure that the temperature in the set range.

5. Pipeline closed, no secondary pollution.

6. Intelligent control of drinking fountains, water is not open without water out.

7. Balance valve design, balance valve can be discharged in time to produce the pressure of heating, water pressure close to normal pressure, safety valve to prevent overpressure, double protection, to ensure the use of safety. 8. Electric control circuit using low voltage DC 12V, greatly improve the safety of drinking fountains.

9. According to national standards: GB4706.36-2014; GB4706.1-2005 manufacturing;

10. In addition to the characteristics of intelligent control models, add the following features:

1) can adjust the heating temperature, drinking temperature;

2) can be set by day, press the hour to start, shutdown time.

3) can be set to disinfect, change the water, rinse function and time

4) can be a key disinfection, a key wash, a key change the water;

5) Touch the button to dry or swipe the water. Drinking Water Product Performance Description:

1, drinking fountains using thermal energy converter technology: drinking warm water, saving 80%; thickening insulation layer, reduce heat by 80%. 200 people drink warm water only 4 degrees a day, an annual savings of 70,000 yuan electricity.

2, self-washing membrane separation technology: the use of composite filter: PP + activated carbon + KDF + ultrafiltration; automatic washing: every 6 hours automatically flush 30 seconds, the filter is not blocked, longer life;

3, double security: water dispenser automatic access to tap water filtration, 100 ℃ high temperature sterilization.

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