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Drinking Straw Machine Ready To Water

Hangzhou Newtech Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 30, 2017

Drinking Straw Machine Ready to water

Direct Drinking Machine and the difference between traditional drinking fountains

Water appliances have now many types, but the most widely known is the water dispenser, water purifier a series of direct drinking fountains in the traditional water dispenser on the basis of the combination of water purifier, which changed the The traditional bottled water drinking water, to meet the water at any time the purpose of drinking at any time. Effectively avoid the secondary pollution caused by drinking fountains, but also drink reassuring, healthy and good water. So that direct drinking fountains and traditional drinking fountains in the end there are those differences?

1, the traditional drinking fountains: Let us first analyze the traditional drinking fountains, as a by-product of bottled drinking water and water products have been uttered in the product, its principle is very simple, do not need too high technical content, so in the Safety, quality, function on the obvious difference. In terms of function, must be equipped with bottled water, only a simple heating, cooling function, the appearance is also relatively simple.

2, direct drinking fountains: the current market positioning in the home use of the direct drinking fountains has begun to slowly increase the direct drinking fountains is a combination of traditional drinking fountains and water purifier function as a whole, the integration of filtration, purification, heating, Cooling and other effects for one, in the drinking water is more concise, easy to operate, more healthy, eyebrows pipeline secondary pollution, directly in the water outlet for purification. The choice of the appearance is relatively more, wall-mounted, desktop, vertical ... ... completely improve the function of a single drinking fountains, is the best choice for family drinking water.

From the above introduction we can be very intuitive summed up the difference between the two, in the purchase also more than a number of options, although the price of drinking fountains is relatively expensive, but in function, after all, even better , So the water quality is better. There are many kinds of water dispenser failure, we have analyzed for you before the failure of the maintenance and troubleshooting methods, today to tell you about the cause of drinking water is not cooling and troubleshooting methods.

First, the cooling indicator light, but not cooling.

1, may be the internal electronic cooling chip is broken, the cooling film is the core components of electronic refrigeration water dispenser, if the cooling piece can not be damaged water dispenser, and must replace the new cooling film.

2, the cooling fan is broken, the internal fan is broken because the temperature of the heat sink can not be distributed in a timely manner, so that the cooling effect of drinking fountains decreased or failure, if this situation should be timely shut down the cooling switch, fan work is not normal It is easy to cause the cooling piece to be damaged.

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