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Drinking Straw Machine The Working Principle Of Refrigeration

Hangzhou Newtech Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 22, 2017

Drinking Straw Machine The working principle of refrigeration

Several Causes of Bacteria in Water Dispenser

  We all know that the secondary pollution of drinking fountains is a very distressing thing, to our physical health caused a great impact. In fact, the second pollution of drinking fountains is the most fundamental breeding of bacteria, today we summed up some of the drinking fountains caused by some of the reasons, I believe find the reason, we can fundamentally solve this problem.

1, a long time without the inside of the dispenser for cleaning, sterilization, descaling.

2, when the exchange of water and smart base contact, will indirectly lead to bacterial growth.

3, storage space is small or unclean, air convection, the ground is not very clean.

4, drinking fountains placed in cold and wet or direct sunlight, easily lead to bacterial reproduction.

5, drinking water quality is not clean or water itself with bacteria.

6, drinking fountains self-maintenance is not good enough, poor sealing caused by bacterial invasion.

7, water gall bladder too much water and long-term non-drink We all know that the water dispenser has been evolved from the original single heating function is now cooling, heating, preservation, sterilization, disinfection and so multi-purpose water appliances, but most people Do not understand how the water dispenser in the end of the cooling. Drinking fountains are generally divided into two kinds of refrigeration, refrigeration and electronic refrigeration, compressor we know that the refrigerator is also the use of compressor refrigeration. Whether from the effect, efficacy or quality is far better than the electronic cooling. But the cost of compressor cooling is higher than other refrigeration methods. We are today for everyone to explain the working principle of compressor cooling.

1, when the cooling switch is pressed, the power is turned on, the water dispenser above the cooling indicator light, the compressor began to run normally.

2, the compressor in the process of running the evaporator can be sucked in the refrigerant vapor, and compressed into high temperature, high pressure gas, and then sent to the condenser.

3, the refrigerant vapor through the condenser, to the outside heat to form high-pressure liquid. And then by the liquid drop after the pressure into the evaporator, where the absorption of cold heat. And the absorption of heat is the heat of room temperature water, so that the water temperature gradually decreased. The refrigerant liquid is then sucked back by the compressor.

This is a complete cooling process, but this process is not enough to achieve the purpose of insulation, but also need some other way to heat insulation. That is, when the water temperature down to a certain temperature, the cooling thermostat contact will automatically disconnect, the compressor will also stop rotating, the entire machine into the insulation state.

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