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Drinking Straw Machine Various Models

Hangzhou Newtech Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

Drinking Straw Machine Various models

In the plastic extrusion molding equipment, plastic beverage pipette is usually called the host, and its supporting follow-up equipment, plastic extrusion machine is called auxiliary. Plastic beverage straw after 100 years of development, has been derived from the original single screw twin screw, multi-screw, and even no screw and other models. Plastic beverage straw machine (host) can be with the pipe, film, holding materials, monofilament, flat wire, packing belt, squeeze network, plate (film) material, profile, granulation, cable coating and other plastic molding auxiliary Matching, forming a variety of plastic extrusion molding production lines, the production of various plastic products. Therefore, the plastic extrusion molding machinery, whether present or future, are the plastics processing industry is widely used in one of the models.

Beverage pipettes originated in the 18th century, England J oseph B ra ma h in 1795 manufacturing for the manufacture of seamless lead pipe manual piston press is considered the world's first beverage straw machine The Since then, in the first half of the nineteenth century, the beverage pipette was basically used only for the production of lead pipes, the processing of macaroni and other foodstuffs, brick making and ceramic industry.

Plastic beverage pipette can be divided into single screw drink straw machine, twin screw beverage pipette and multi screw beter straw machine according to its screw number. At present, the most widely used single screw beverage pipette is suitable for the extrusion of general materials. Twin-screw beverage pipette machine due to the friction generated by less heat, the material is more uniform shear, the screw conveyor capacity, the extrusion is relatively stable, the material in the barrel to stay long, mixed evenly.

Single screw beverage straw machine both as a plasticizing granulation machinery or forming processing machinery have an important position in recent years, single screw beverage straw machine has been a great development.

The twin-screw beverage pipette has good feed characteristics for powder processing and better mixing, exhausting, reactive and self-cleaning functions than single-screw beverages piping machines, characterized by poor processing of heat-resistant plastics and blends Material when it shows its superiority. In the twin-screw beverage pipette machine, in order to more easily deal with poor thermal stability of the blends, and now also developed a multi-screw beverage pipette, such as plastic beverage pipette and so on.

Beverage pipette is one of the most important varieties in the plastics machinery industry. Beverage pipettes account for 31% of the total value of plastic machinery. Extrusion equipment, with its clear function, has a decisive contribution to large-scale processes with special capacity. These extrusion equipment will soon be due to special technology and become indispensable or irreplaceable equipment.

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