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Drinking Straw Machine Work Performance

Hangzhou Newtech Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 02, 2017

Drinking Straw Machine Work performance

Design principle of beverage pipette

Now the beverage suction machine has been widely used, the extruder is screw, barrel, gear box, motor, control box, inverter, hopper and other major components, then the screw is designed through what principle, the following for everyone Explain the design principles:

As one of the main equipment for polymer processing, the beverage pipette is widely used in the polymer processing industry and will be used in other industries. The main technical parameters of the marking performance of the beverage pipette are: the screw diameter, the aspect ratio of the screw, the speed range of the screw, the motor power of the main screw, the production capacity of the machine, the heating power and the number of segments The center of the height and dimensions, these parameters are the main basis for the measurement and selection of extruder, but also the design of beverage pipette first need to determine the technical parameters. According to the polymer in the beverage pipette machine in the three physical state of the process of change, as well as the various parts of the screw work requirements, usually the beverage suction machine screw is divided into feeding section, melting section and measurement section. Because the geometry of the screw is very complex, it is difficult to establish a mathematical model that fully reflects the optimal design of the beverage pipette. Even if the mathematical model of the optimal design of the beverage pipette can be established, because the influencing factors are complex and the design variables are many, the solution is very difficult. Therefore, the functional design of the screw is optimized and the design is more realistic. Extruder screw locking causes and solutions

Extruder is now widely used, and in the extrusion process, there may be a phenomenon in which the extruder screw is suddenly stuck, and if the extruder protection device does not function, the operator should stop immediately . More is the screw can also turn, but the speed slowed down, while the emergence of harsh metal scraping the sound, the current rose sharply, then the operator should immediately stop. First find out the reasons for stuck, under normal circumstances, Screws are uniform in diameter, both inside and outside in the same cylindrical surface, out easily. So if you can not smoke out there may only be something jammed the screw, there are five possible: 1: foreign body into the barrel, stuck screw, if it is iron metal foreign body, the screw and the barrel will cause great damage

2: screw or barrel deformation

3: barrel temperature is too low, or the filter plate is blocked, causing the barrel pressure rose sharply, resulting in screw deformation

4: screw, barrel design is unreasonable, prone to the situation is the screw design compression ratio is too large, in the use of screw deformation.

5: The coefficient of thermal expansion of the material used for the barrel and the screw is too large. When the heating is heated, the screw can not be cooled if there is no cooling.

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