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Drinking Straw Packing Machine Development Of Multi-functional

Hangzhou Newtech Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 22, 2017

Drinking Straw Packing Machine Development of multi-functional

At present, China's drinking packaging machine design enterprises are mostly small scale, "small and complete" is one of its main features, while the existence of regardless of industry development requirements, repeat the production of low cost, relatively low level of technology, easy to manufacture machinery Products, the industry is currently about 1/4 of the enterprises there is a low level of duplication of production phenomenon. This is a great waste of resources, resulting in confusion in the packaging machinery market, hinder the development of the industry.

  The majority of enterprises in the annual output value of several million to 10 million yuan, less than 100 million of the number of enterprises is also a lot. Nearly 15% of the enterprises are converted or closed each year, but 15% of the enterprises to join the industry, extremely unstable, the phenomenon hindered the stability of the development of the industry.

    With the continuous development of science and technology, all kinds of aquatic products, the emergence of drinking packaging machine technology and equipment have put forward new requirements. At present, the drinking packaging machine machinery competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the future of drinking packaging machinery will be with the industry automation, and promote the overall level of drinking packaging equipment to improve the development of multi-functional, high efficiency, low consumption of drinking packaging equipment.

    To achieve the mechanical and electrical integration of drinking packaging machinery

    Traditional drinking and packaging machine machinery using mechanical control, such as cam distribution axis, and later appeared in the photoelectric control, pneumatic control and other forms of control. However, with the increasing processing technology, the requirements of drinking packaging machine parameters continue to increase, the original control system has been difficult to meet the development needs, should use new technology to change the appearance of drinking packaging machinery. Today's drinking and packaging machine machinery is set machine, electricity, gas, light, magnetic in one of the mechanical and electronic equipment, in the design, should focus on improving the degree of automation of drinking packaging machinery, drinking packaging machinery research and development of computer , To achieve mechanical and electrical integration control.

    The essence of mechanical and electrical integration is from the system point of view, the use of process control principle, the mechanical, electronic and information, testing and other related technologies for organic combination to achieve the overall optimization.

    In general, it is the introduction of microcomputer technology into the packaging and packaging machinery, the application of mechanical and electrical integration technology, the development of intelligent drinking packaging machine technology, according to the product of automatic drinking packaging process requirements into a fully automatic packaging and packaging machine system for production and production process Detection and control, fault diagnosis and troubleshooting will achieve a comprehensive automation, to achieve high-speed, high quality, low consumption and safe production. Can be used for aquatic processing precision measurement, high-speed filling and drinking packaging machine process automatic control, etc., will greatly simplify the mechanical structure of drinking packaging machine to improve the quality of drinking packaging machine products. Such as the most common plastic bag sealing machine, the sealing quality and drinking packaging machine materials, heat sealing temperature and running speed and so on. Such as material (material, thickness) changes, that temperature and speed have to change, but how much change is difficult to grasp. Such as the use of computer control, a variety of drinking packaging materials, the sealing temperature and speed of the best parameters of the input computer memory, matched with the necessary sensors to form an automatic tracking system, so that no matter which process parameters change, Good sealing quality.

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