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Drinking Straw Packing Machine Need To Adjust The Parts

Hangzhou Newtech Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 04, 2017

Drinking Straw Packing Machine Need to adjust the parts

How to properly select the pipette packer

Since the reform and opening up in China, manufacturers have found that the user's economic transition type, the introduction of straw equipment and new technology has become an important category of packaging machinery and equipment, there are many categories, so as a normal user, how we choose their own Equipment, at the door we have to know how much?

Whether it is cosmetics production, business daily necessities, or the production of pharmaceutical companies, or beverages, beer production enterprises, will need the packaging equipment, also need straw equipment pipette equipment, and then in the choice of business, should pay attention to what, how can not Spend money wasted?

First of all to consider what products are produced by the enterprise, according to the viscosity of the product suitable for filling equipment consistency. This step looks complicated, but fundamentally affects the packaging efficiency of the enterprise. If the viscous straw device and the selected product do not match, then the two are not well adapted to each other when filling, which will greatly extend the filling time, thereby reducing the production efficiency; Second, the enterprise needs to consider filling Precision filling equipment, more valuable or more impact on the effect of the product.

Such as cosmetics, this skin care products, should choose high-precision filling equipment, although the price and accuracy have improved, but ultimately will help enterprises to reduce costs, some of the products or dosage requirements of the weight is not very high business, you can consider Fill the relatively low-precision equipment selection, reduce unnecessary investment; Finally, we should also consider the production of cross-products, if the product variety, status is different, so in the choice of straw equipment should consider the choice of multi-functional filling equipment business , If a single species, but only need to choose the straw device has a single function powerful.

There are many factors that need to be considered in the choice of straw equipment, with the progress of science and technology, filling equipment functions are constantly updated and perfected, according to their own business, in the choice of straw equipment to polish eyes.

The pipe cutter is the most vulnerable part after use. With the increase of production capacity, continuous working for some time due to wear, the sealing bag can not be effectively cut off, need to adjust and replace the tool, here introduce the replacement work and need to adjust Parts:

1, release the handle so that each other to squeeze the sealing wheel separated.

2, remove the old knife, put on a new knife.

3, adjust the position of the cutting wheel, so that the blade is relatively relative to the height of the installation of the blade to be appropriate, in the sealing gear at the same time, the blade and cutter blade to effectively contact, up and down can not leave gaps! 

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