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Flexible Straw Bending Machine Bending Angle Adjustment

Hangzhou Newtech Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 30, 2017

Flexible Straw Bending Machine Bending angle adjustment

Flexible straw bending machine how to adjust:

1, the machine adjustment

Due to the thickness of the flap and the V-shaped opening of the lower mold, the stroke distance of the slider must be adjusted as needed. Control the amount of slider stroke, next to the cylinder at the same time instructions. Note: The slider must be at the top dead center (ie, the slider must be pressed on the travel switch), the adjustment is valid.

2, the adjustment of the upper limit of the slider

When the slider is raised, the slider moves in the desired position due to the upper set of the stroke switch, which reduces the distance of the slider and increases the labor productivity. In the "continuous" specification can also issue a continuous action instructions.

3, slider "slow" action adjustment

When the slider down the current limit block block stroke switch, so that the slider for slow action.

4, the upper and lower mold gap adjustment

When the mold down close to the lower mold V can determine the gap, and then modify the slider lift distance.

5, the workpiece bending angle adjustment

The machine's slider and table in the work of the inevitable deflection, and sometimes bending the workpiece angle is greater than the angle between the two ends, you can fine-tune the work of the panel screws, so that the workpiece angle is basically the same. This function has been adjusted before the machine is shipped, generally do not need to adjust.

6, bending pressure adjustment

Check the table or according to the pressure formula to calculate the tonnage of the folded sheet pressure, and then adjust the remote control valve hand wheel. So that the pressure is slightly larger than the flap tonnage, which can reduce the machine's unnecessary load.

7, the bottom of the slider and the table parallel to the adjustment.

After a period of time, if you find that the angle between the ends of the workpiece is not consistent, you can adjust the lower cylinder adjustment block.

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