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Flexible Straw Bending Machine Divided Into Several Parts

Hangzhou Newtech Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 04, 2017

Flexible Straw Bending Machine Divided into several parts

Flexible straw bending machine maintenance is divided into several parts: for external maintenance, electrical control, lubrication devices, peripherals and tools.

1. Outside maintenance

(1) on the machine appearance and protective cover to wipe, to ensure clean inside and outside.

(2) Accessories Wipe clean and clean the machine's surroundings.

(3) the surface of the machine and its corner parts of the paint should be able to see the true color, and smooth.

2. Electrical control

(1) check the electrical box is intact, with or without damage.

(2) whether the electrical components are damaged, whether the need for repair or replacement, wiring between the components is good.

(3) the main motor is running properly, safe and reliable, with or without abnormal or fever, noise.

(4) whether the system is running accurately, whether to meet the accuracy requirements; device can accurately input.

3. Lubrication device

(1) lubrication of the lubrication is good enough, oil and oil in the oil cup is sufficient.

(2) whether the valve body flexible, with or without blocking phenomenon.

(3) whether the filter is clean, if blocked, should be promptly cleaned.

4. Peripheral equipment

(1) rough pieces and the placement of various materials is reasonable, and safe and reliable.

(2) foot switch cover is installed and used properly.

5. Tool

(1) whether the movement of the upper and lower tool is normal, with or without deviation, and the action is flexible and reliable.

(2) on the slider and the table parallelism is good, straight control balance valve position is accurate.

Flexible straw bending machine safe operation procedures, the main contents are:

(1) the operator to wear protective equipment, and in accordance with the operating rules and other provisions to operate flexible straw bending machine.

(2) before starting the machine, to the motor, switches and lines and other aspects of inspection, the machine has a reliable grounding, switch button, etc. are in the correct position.


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