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Lollipop Stick Making Machine Forming Principle

Hangzhou Newtech Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 11, 2017

Lollipop Stick Making Machine Forming principle

Forming Principle of Lollipop Barrel

    Lollipop rod machine is made according to the requirements of plastic products extrusion molding materials, the requirements of the main materials, materials metering, according to the process requirements, the order of mixing into the mixer mixing until a variety of blends Mixed evenly, mixed with raw materials cooled by cold mixing, into the extruder hopper, the hopper of the raw materials through the barrel of the feed inlet into the extruder barrel (the PVC powder, should be mixed by the first Squeeze out the granulation, and then into the extruder).

   And then in the lollipop rod machine in the rotation of the screw, the raw material is forced to the front of the barrel, due to the barrel in front of the filter, perforated plate and forming mold resistance, coupled with the screw thread volume gradually reduced, So that the resistance of the raw materials within the barrel to move forward with the increase in the amount of the front and more and more, that is, the pressure of the raw material is growing, while the raw material by the impact of heating outside the barrel and barrel extrusion, The effect of shear mixing, coupled with the friction between the raw material and the barrel and the thread work, and the mutual movement and friction between the raw material molecules, the temperature of the raw material in the barrel gradually increased, and its physical state gradually The glassy state into a high-elastic melted state, and finally become viscous flow, to achieve complete plasticization, the screw has been kept constant rotation, then the plasticized uniform melt equal pressure, the same amount from the molding die extrusion, Product shape, and then by cooling stereotypes, according to a certain length of curling or cutting, that is completed the extrusion molding of plastic products production. The above is the lollipop rod machine plastic molding process and the production process.

Extruder and injection molding machines are plastic processing machines, both sounds still so slightly similar, but in fact not the same. Lollipop rod machine and injection molding machine both have a lot of difference between the two, the following lollipop rod machine on the professional to introduce you to understand the two kinds of machinery more knowledge points.

Extruder is the role of the screw in the molten plastic through a fixed shape of the extrusion port extrusion, under the action of the tractor by water-cooled after cutting. Mainly used for a variety of the same cross-section of a large number of continuous production, such as pipe, rod, profile, etc., can also be used for plastic granulation. Its plastic processing is called the extrusion process.

Injection molding machine is the injection of molten plastic into the mold, after cooling is the product. Use a very wide range, according to different plastic, the use of different places. The process is called injection molding process.

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