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Lollipop Stick Making Machine Molding Is Mainly Due To

Hangzhou Newtech Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 22, 2017

Lollipop Stick Making Machine Molding is mainly due to

The system is thermoformed with biomass without any binder. The formation is mainly due to the presence of lignin in the biomass. Wood lignin content of 27% -32% (dry raw materials), grass grass lignin content of 14% -25%. It is known from the X-ray diffraction that the lignin is amorphous and has no melting point but has a softening point. When the temperature is 70-100 ° C, the adhesive force starts to increase and the temperature can be melted at 200-380 ° C. The suitable temperature for hot press molding is from 200 to 400 ° C. The molding machine is powered by a propeller, which presses the biomass in the sleeve through the propeller, and under the external force, the biomass The particles begin to rearrange the positional relationship and undergo mechanical deformation and plastic rheology. In the direction perpendicular to the stress direction, the particles are mainly bonded in the form of intermeshing, and in the direction perpendicular to the * small stress direction, the particles are mainly bonded together in a tightly coupled manner. With the increase of external force, the biomass volume is greatly reduced, the bulk density is significantly increased, and the biomass is glued outside the coking, and has certain shape and strength. The device's unique propeller design and repair technology, so that the power of energy to the limit, that is to ensure that the great speed also improved the rod of high density and plasticity.

The choice of the first choice of the rod machine is to consider their own raw materials, not the more expensive rod machine like, what double-headed machine, long machine, with a reducer machine, these are equipment manufacturers engage in Gimmicky. In the case of a rod machine with a gearbox, the price is between $ 3-4 million. The law of conservation of energy is science. With the gearbox, it only reduces the output of the power consumption and reduces the production of the rod machine. In general, relatively loose raw materials (such as fir, eucalyptus, poplar) suitable for high-speed rod machine, requiring the body bearing box to precision high pressure, for some hard material of raw materials (such as bamboo, miscellaneous wood chips, pine wood) Relatively speaking, should choose the slow speed of the rod machine to achieve a better rod density.

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