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Spiral Drinking Straw Making Machine According To The Plastic Products With

Hangzhou Newtech Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 22, 2017

Spiral Drinking Straw Making Machine According to the plastic products with

Blown film machine correct operation essentials:

1, check the temperature control intact, heating appliances intact, pay attention to the timely adjustment of the point of heating temperature within the target range.

2, check the traction speed, control film thickness. The same time as

3, observe the thickness of the film to adjust the uniform, diameter meet the standard.

4, check the air storage tank pressure, not too high, but should have spare pressure.

5, check the control of raw materials ratio and mix evenly. The same time as

6, check the raw materials with or without impurities, in particular, should be timely with a magnet check iron mixed. The same time as

7, check the reducer box and air compressor cylinder lubricating oil lubrication. The same time as

8, regularly check the operation of the motor temperature and mechanical transmission situation.

Film made of blown film machine because of its good barrier, fresh, moisture, frost, oxygen, oil, can be widely used in light and heavy packaging. Such as a variety of fresh fruit, meat food, pickles, fresh milk, liquid drinks, medical supplies and other fields widely used. In order to facilitate the film blowing machine and the normal blown film, blown film machine temperature needs an optimum temperature, then how will this temperature control.

According to the plastic melting theory, blown film extruder screw is divided into three sections: feeding section, melting section, homogenization section. At the end of the feed section, into the beginning of the melting section, according to the melting theory, its temperature should be the viscosity flow temperature. A variety of blown film resin viscosity flow temperature were PP: 164-175 degrees Celsius, PE: 105-135 degrees Celsius, PA: 195-210 degrees Celsius. Environment determines product quality.

  According to the requirements of plastic products formula, the mixing of raw materials into the plastic sheet metal machine into the barrel. With the rotation of the screw, the material is forced to push the thread in front of the machine. As the barrel in front of a filter, shunt and forming mold resistance, coupled with the volume of the screw between the gradual reduction of the thread to promote the forward material by a lot of pressure, while the raw material and by the barrel of heating, raw materials by Squeeze, dream cut, stirring effect, and the barrel, the friction between the screw and the friction between the raw material molecules, will produce a certain amount of heat.As a result, the raw material in the barrel temperature gradually increased its physical state also Gradually from the glassy state into a high elastic state, and finally become a drilling state, to achieve full plasticization. As the screw has been kept in a steady rotation, then the plasticized uniform melt equal pressure, the same amount from the molding die mouth extrusion, as a certain shape of the plastic products. And then by cooling and shaping, that is, to complete the extrusion molding products work.

    2. What is a twin screw plastic sheet machine?

    In the plastic sheet machine barrel has two screw meshing work together to complete the mandatory push forward plastic transport and plastic work, this plastic sheet machine called double screw plastic sheet machine.

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