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Spiral Drinking Straw Making Machine Extrusion Process

Hangzhou Newtech Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 22, 2017

Spiral Drinking Straw Making Machine Extrusion process

Driving system of screw beverage pipette extruder

The role of the drive system is to drive the screw, the supply screw in the extrusion process required torque and speed, usually by the motor, reducer and bearings and other components.

And in the same structure under the premise of the reducer manufacturing costs roughly proportional to its size and weight. Because the reducer's shape and weight, means that the production of materials consumed more, the other used by the bearing is relatively large, so that manufacturing costs increase.

The same screw diameter extruder, high-speed and efficient extruder than the conventional extruder consumes more energy, the motor power doubled, the reducer's seat size corresponding increase is necessary. But the high screw speed means a low reduction ratio. The same size of the reducer, low reduction ratio compared with the large reduction ratio, the gear modulus increases, the capacity of the reducer to load also increased. So the weight of the reducer increases, not with the motor power increases into a linear ratio. If the amount of extrusion with the denominator, divided by the weight of reducer, high-speed and efficient extruder was small, a large number of ordinary extruder. The extrusion system consists of screws, barrels, hoppers, heads, and molds, which are plasticized into a uniform melt through the extrusion system and are continuously extruded by the screw under the pressure established during this process.

(1) screw: the extruder is the most important components, it is directly related to the scope of application of extruder and productivity, made of high strength corrosion-resistant alloy steel.

(2) barrel: is a metal cylinder, generally with heat, high compressive strength, durable wear, corrosion-resistant alloy steel or alloy steel alloy made of composite steel pipe. Barrel and screw with the realization of the plastic crushing, softening, melting, plasticizing, exhaust and compaction, and to the forming system continuous uniform transport of rubber. The length of the general barrel is 15 to 30 times its diameter, so that the plastic is fully heated and fully plasticized to the principle.

(3) Hopper: The bottom of the hopper is equipped with a truncation device to adjust and cut the material. The side of the hopper is equipped with a viewing hole and a calibration metering device.

(4) nose and die: the nose from the alloy steel sleeve and carbon steel jacket, the machine head with a molding die. The role of the nose is the rotation of the plastic melt into a parallel linear motion, uniform and smooth into the mold sleeve, and give the plastic to the necessary molding pressure. Plastic in the barrel of plastic compaction, the porous filter plate along a certain flow through the nose of the head into the nose forming mold, mold core sleeve with the appropriate cross-section to form a continuous reduction of the annular gap, so that the plastic melt in the A thick, tubular coating is formed around the core. In order to ensure that the plastic channel within the machine is reasonable, to eliminate the accumulation of plastic dead ends, often placed a shunt sleeve, to eliminate the pressure when the plastic extrusion fluctuations, but also set the pressure ring. The head is also equipped with a mold correction and adjustment of the device, easy to adjust and correct the core and die sets of concentricity.

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