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Spiral Drinking Straw Making Machine Plastic Machinery Industry

Hangzhou Newtech Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 30, 2017

Spiral Drinking Straw Making Machine Plastic machinery industry

Spiral Beverage Straw Extruder is one of the most important varieties in the plastics machinery industry. Spiral Beverage Straw Extruder accounts for 31% of the total value of plastic machinery. Extrusion equipment, with its clear function, has a large process with special capacity Has made a decisive contribution to China's plastics machinery enterprises in recent years to increase the spiral beverage straw extruder emerging market development, brand awareness to further expand the market competitiveness to further improve the proportion of emerging countries will greatly enhance the export. At present, China's plastic spiral beverage straw extruder business orders rebounded sharply, steady growth in export growth.

The current status of the development of the domestic plastics machinery industry is the existence of independent innovation capacity is low, high-grade and personalized special varieties less, the industry concentration of these low problems. The existence of these problems led to China's plastics machinery industry is not as soon as possible to catch up with the level of foreign plastic machinery, after long-term development, China's plastics industry's international influence continues to improve, to cope with the protection of trade protectionism, manufacturing technology and overall strength To further improve, therefore, China's screw beverage straw extruder industry in foreign trade and export a lot of favorable conditions.

With the economic rebound, spiral beverage straw extruder business orders will be a substantial recovery. In 2012, China's spiral beverage straw extruder industry has been running a number of positive signals in the economic operation, but which is worthy of business concern is: 1, the total weight of the industry's largest automobile production and sales growth is rising; 2, machinery industry Focus on the cumulative increase in the amount of business orders to pick up.

As China's screw beverage straw extruder products and strategic new industries are closely linked, with high efficiency, energy-saving advantages and high cost, the developed countries to the low-end exports, this part of the consumer demand is rigid, Spiral beverage straw extruder industry development still has a larger market space. Finally, the industry said that in recent years, China's plastics machinery business market will be more open up, visibility will be further expanded, the market will further enhance the competitiveness. The proportion of exports to emerging countries will also be greatly improved.

On the whole, China's spiral drink straw extruder products export growth will show a steady situation. In China, China is still in the stage of industrialization, informationization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization. It is still in the stage of important strategic opportunities for development. It will also provide inexhaustible development for screw beverage straw extruder industry. power. Finally, the international market to pick up, for the spiral drink straw extruder business has brought confidence.

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