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Spiral Drinking Straw Making Machine Recycled Plastic Industry

Hangzhou Newtech Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 26, 2017

Spiral Drinking Straw Making Machine Recycled plastic industry

Nearly period of time, there is a lot of one-sided negative reports in China's recycled plastic industry, industry inside the heart floating again, concerns the reports will cause the chain reaction of related, in order to let everybody understand the real China recycled plastic industry, to prepare this small article, sent to Mr Wen Andong all park Max lee for media friends, topic!

Part one: preface

In the Basel convention, plastics are considered non-toxic, not restricted. The ideal disposal method for post-use plastics is to recycle them as renewable resources.

The use of plastic reingredients is not only cost considerations, but development and responsibility considerations

The development of the plastics industry in China inevitably faces the problem of the proper disposal of plastic after the use of plastic, which, like other materials, can have a negative effect on the environment. Plastic recycling value is larger and can be recycled materials, especially in our shortage of such resources, large population countries, recycling economy and environmental protection is closely related to national sustainable development strategy, has been the state and society attention. Plastic is the modern economic development can be realized in the "reduction, reuse, recycling" important materials, the production, processing and molding is a process of no pollution emission, low consumption, high efficiency, the vast majority of plastic can be recycled after use, is typical of a resource-conserving environment friendly material.

Plastic consumption growing situation in our country, the reasonable disposition of plastic waste on the environment protection and resource recycling effect and influence of increasingly prominent, as an emerging industry, the industry scale is growing, sustained and healthy development of our country economy and society has important practical significance.

Part two: introduction of China's recycled plastic industry chain

1. Most small businesses shut down and shut down!

In the past three years, it is expected that more than 70 percent of the industry will be discontinued, and hundreds of thousands of people will leave the industry.

Although the majority of plastic waste plastic has been recycled, made a contribution! But a standard: environmental protection, cannot meet the standard, can only shut down!

Now we are engaged in the first category of China's renewable plastics industry: the enterprises that have completed the initial development and accumulation; Second category: other industries make money and enter the industry. The quality of industry personnel has been greatly improved!

2. China's plastic recycling rate is still very high

A lot of capital enter, scale enterprise increases, still sufficient amount digests the society waste plastic resources!

3. Many garden enterprises have sprung up everywhere! But many of the park's economic benefits are generally not ideal, with the initial construction of the park money, but the lack of people who can do things!

The development of the park is a trend and because it has the competitive advantage of scale, but the construction of the park is a comprehensive project that is far more complex than the construction of a single enterprise! Capital, planning, market, investment promotion, enterprise internal management, all have higher requirements! Most of the failures are predictable! Calm and rational investors, very few! When you see such a situation, you can't tell the truth. Because the truth is equal to pour cold water, hurt the passion! Entrepreneurs tend to be stubborn people, and he tells you that you just need to be sure, worshipping and encouraging, and making inappropriate comments can be unwelcome! The people who have seen many bankruptcies, failures, dignity, debt, and even the cost of their lives! Watch the tragedy happen! Perhaps these are the costs of life, industry, and social development.

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