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Tea Bag Packaging Machine To Purchase Is Also Very Particular About The

Hangzhou Newtech Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 09, 2017

Tea packaging machines at the international tea package has become the preferred packaging equipment, daily life, quality affects the quality of tea tea packages, below, we provide a superior quality of the tea bag, which is nylon triangle tea bags. Nylon triangle tea bags imported Japan green nylon, non-woven material, are passed national security inspection and no toxic bacteria, heat-resistant high quality food-grade filter, packed hand-pulled pieces of color printing, Japan imported drug made from edible ink, and 100% degradation, reduce environmental pollution problems. -----Seal using a unique method of ultrasonic sealing without mark, close, health and safety, reduce the extra edge width, not wasting any filter, than ordinary tea bags, this high-quality tea bags image, a sense of beauty and the senior, easier for the public.

And general filter paper packaging of bags tea compared, this tea package in hot injected Hou, can to most fast of time makes tea stretch from and keep material flavor, and fragrance natural, and not injury tea bags, can times rushed bubble, and long bubble, highlight has package material of tough and easily torn, transparent mesh of design makes tea of flavor more incisively to play out, let consumers can views shape, and smell aroma, and see soup color, and taste tea taste, and justice leaves end of, original tablets flavor like now bubble, let tea no longer Council limited to container, You can enjoy the convenience of modern life anywhere, anytime!

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