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Tea Packaging Machinery Industry Development Space

Hangzhou Newtech Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 09, 2017

In recent years, national also increased has on tea packaging industry of supervision efforts, on packaging technology also has has new of requirements, some packaging equipment of production enterprise also have increased has tea packaging machine of investment efforts and technology of innovation, but China of tea packaging machine technology and developed compared also obviously insufficient, many enterprise also are in low State, caused China tea packaging machine market of disorder chaos, hinder industry of health development. High production efficiency, low energy consumption, high stability and reliability, product shape backward, the appearance of rough, basic low life and Kit is the most general situation in tea packaging machines and packaging equipment in China and international technology gap.

Looking at the packaging market in China, tea packaging machinery industry has great development opportunities, enterprises should continue looking for gaps, learning new skills, produce fast, high degree of automation, reliability, flexibility, high technological content and packaging equipment. The use of new technologies or other advanced technology into the traditional mechanical manufacturing technology, to create a new tea packaging machines, leading tea packing machine to the integrated, high efficiency, intelligent, flexible direction.

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