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U Shape Straw Making Machine Of The Relevant Introduction

Hangzhou Newtech Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2017

  U Shape Straw Making Machine Food and packaging machinery automation industry has been 20 years, the current packaging machinery automation products include:

U Shape Straw Making Machine Control system: embedded products, PLC, IPC, field bus;

Transmission control: inverter, DC speed control;

Motion control: AC servo device stepping system reducer motion controller;

Man-machine interface: text display, touch screen, tablet computer

Electrical components and sensors: photoelectric switches, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, machine vision, travel switches, etc.

  U Shape Straw Making Machine U-type pipe straw 100% of the use of food grade pellets, without any industrial powder or recycled material, no smell. 12 process strict testing, clean room to complete the packaging, product quality to ensure continuous and stable, absolute health straw, in line with international environmental requirements. Absolutely healthy, tasteless, non-toxic, the mouth for the (oblique) production, thickening hard Juxian straw, the color can be customized according to customer requirements processing production. Easy to use, safe and sanitary, milk cups film, soy milk film, fresh milk bag, can be pierced.

U Shape Straw Making Machine Material: environmentally friendly new materials, safe non-toxic, health and convenience.

Color: color types, according to their preferences selected.

The type of tube: straight tube, u-tube, spoon-type straw.

Red and yellow straight tube of affordable, quality is very safe, with foreign imports of new environmentally friendly materials.

Applicable temperature: high temperature, low temperature, room temperature can be.

Use of the environment: clean, health, away from fire.

Note: Please do not touch sharp, sharp and high temperature items, do not use when the toy is not free to discard.

Storage conditions: dry, cool, clean, away from heat, non-toxic, harmless, clean, sealed (ventilation, moisture, mildew, fire, health, avoid rain).

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